Family Vacation

A Road Trip of Love & Grace, Together

Summer is often when families take vacation trips together. These trips can be a great opportunity for families to spend time together, show each other love, and model grace to the world. This series discusses both the importance of family relationships, and how parenting is a way for parents to help their children understand God's grace and love.

40 Days of Prayer — June 22nd through July 31st

June 4th - "Everyone In?"
Family is a word that has been redefined by the gospel of Christ.

June 11th - "Ooh, Look At That!"
Parenting means working on God's behalf to provide direction for your children; to "train up" by modeling & molding

June 18th — FATHER’S DAY - "Can We Get Souvenirs?"
Extending our blessing is on the greatest gifts we can give our families.

June 25th - "How Much Longer?"
The family that endures understands the importance of the word: commitment.
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