Where the lost, who've tried everything, find rest!

Springs Refuge is a Christ-centered healing and mental wellness program designed to provide a refuge for the hurting and a partnership for a journey of healing. This program is available to all who have experienced hurt, are struggling with unhealthy coping methods, or are in need of encouragement, support, or prayer for past or current experiences.  Our focus is on four primary areas; Healing for the whole self, that is mind, body, and soul, Growth & Maturity that is essential for stepping into God’s plan for you, creating a Safe Space of Welcome for everyone always, and creating Others Focused Support that builds strong community and encouragement.

Join us Fridays @ 6:30 pm - Childcare Available

Healing Whole-ness

Growth & Maturity

Safe Space of Welcome

Others Focused Support


There are several ways in which you can  help support Springs Refuge. We are always in need of volunteers to help serve.
We can always use help with childcare, hospitality, prayer, worship and more.
Additionally, we provide service and outreach opportunities several times a year through Springs Refuge, and also in conjunction with other churches, or organizations. If you would like more info, please fill out the contact form below. 
You are also welcome to refer a friend who may benefit from being a part of this community!

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For questions, or further information just fill out the contact form below.