All in This Together

Disciples Making Disciples

The church, as a whole, is meant to care for each other, grow together, and make disciples together. That means we must recognize our responsibilities to our church family as individuals, and put personal action to the mission of Jesus' Church to Go make disciples. In this series we will focus on our personal charge from Christ to be individuals who are engaged and committed to joining with our church to be disciple makers, together.  

September 4th — Me, IRL (In Real Life)
Discipleship relationships must begin from a place of our own authenticity with God, that will in turn become an overflow of authenticity in those we disciple.  

September 11th — Add Me
Many of us don’t realize the importance of the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Our friends determine the quality and direction of our lives. In this message, we learn how friends (good or bad) can impact feelings, your relationship with God, and your future, and how scripture calls us to be good friends.  

September 18th — Stir It Up
God's church is called to be a community that cultivates discipleship, and motivates one another to be disciple makers.

September 25th — Out of Many, One
Unity is essential for the church, as the body of Christ, to succeed in making Disciples of Christ. The Western world is filled with fragmentation. By contrast, the church is meant to be a place where unity is encouraged and lived out, a haven where life is lived differently from the rest of the world.
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