Enough is Enough

Practicing Gratitude,
Contentment & Thanksgiving

We spend so much of our time chasing after careers, people, or possessions that never satisfy us in the end. When is enough, enough? This four-week series examines the biblical concept of contentment and gratitude, and how we can find it in Christ.

Date: November 5th - Enough of That
Discontentment and ungratefulness only breeds anxiety and fear--extinguishing the hope we have in Jesus.

Date: November 12th - Enough to Remember
Remembering what God has done in the past brings perspective to our current circumstances.

Date: November 19th - More Than Enough
New Perspective + Changed Priorities + Contentment = Generous Living.

Date: November 26th - Enough to Keep Going
Gratitude is a learned skill and must be cultivated to recognize God's continued work in our lives.
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