Living Sent

This series will explore the relationship between members of Jesus' church and those outside of it. It will speak to God’s expectation for the church to be salt and light to the world by exercising humility in understanding God’s design, and living generously in our approach to one another.

September 3rd - Under the Same God  (Ellis Park Service)
All humans share a common origin with God as our creator. This should be a reminder to believers about the importance of sharing the gospel with nonbelievers as one brother to another.

September 10th - Love Where You Live
We should treat our city and community as a gift from God. With the right perspective we can experience God’s blessing there.

September 17th - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Our actions will always be more effective than just our words.

September 24th - Choose Your Words Carefully
In our conversations with unbelievers, followers of Jesus must be wise and intentional to season our words with Christ.
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