Counterfeit Gods

Identifying and Escaping
Our Personal Idols

It’s likely (although not impossible!) that you don’t have little statues of gods in your home that you pray to at night, or count on to bring you good fortune in life. But it is possible that you nonetheless have idols controlling your life and dominating your imagination.
We put other things in the place of God. This is what we all do. Rather than delighting in Him, as we were all made to do, we put our hope in lesser, earthly things. In this series, we’ll identify four source idols in our lives, and how we can avoid worshipping them.
October 2nd — Do You Love Me? (Approval)
Living to please others and pleasing God are two absolutely incompatible goals. One leads to freedom, the other is a snare for the soul.
October 9th — All I Do Is Win (Power)
We long for success. We feel like we must win. We need to be in charge. And we’ll run over and use others to get there.
October 16th — If I Had A Million Dollars (Comfort)
BIG IDEA: A life that is not entirely comfortable with God is far better than one that is comfortable without Him.
October 23rd — I Did It My Way (Control)
The only constant is change, yet for some reason we still cling to the thought that we are in control of the future. When we take the approach of self-motivation, we exclude God’s Will from the equation.

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