Just Obey

My family has been in hard times. Last week, on Wednesday, I discovered the Lord was blessing me again. I was to receive a check from an auto accident from almost a year ago, that I thought I had been paid for already. After discovering this, the Lord put it on my heart to give a non-Christian friend of mine $200 of the check. I balked at this and tried to fight it. The Lord was adamant not a penny less or more. In the end I obeyed. When I took her the money the Lord gave me the words to say: "This money is not from me, it is from the Lord. He says you're going to need it for something very specific." Three days later I got a message from her that she needed a $200 retainer fee for the attorney to appeal her disability claim. She said she is definitely "thinking" now. I am so thrilled God used me to do that, but there is more to the story.... With the money I had, I quickly dropped it on various bills and stocked up on necessities and food. Somehow I lost track of a couple things and overspent. I told noone about this. Last night, I went to deliver something to my son. He comes out to the truck and hands me $200 saying "the Lord said the give you this."

The moral of this story: forget arguing with God just obey, He will always provide! God is good!

- Becky White 
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