Red Letter Challenge

Putting the Words of Jesus Into Practice

Jesus is the greatest disciple-maker in the world. In examining the red-highlighted words Jesus speaks throughout scripture, we can see practically how he calls us all to follow him. Putting Jesus’ words into practice helps people of all ages discover the life God designed them to live.

Join us as we focus on Jesus, and the simple command to “hear and do” His words. You can also join us as a church community and accept the 40 Day Red Letter Challenge. In this campaign, we will have daily scripture readings, red-lettered focuses and practical “challenges” for individuals to practice in following the words of Jesus!

May 1st — Following
Jesus calls us out of the known, and to follow him into the unknown!

May 8th — Being
Jesus invites us into a growing and flourishing relationship.

May 15th — Serving
Jesus came to serve, not be served. Jesus’ followers do the same.

May 22nd — Giving
Where you keep your treasure is where your heart calls home. Jesus’ followers are marked by generosity.

May 29th — Forgiving
If you can’t let go of the past, you’ll never be able to grab a hold of the future.

June 5th — Going
The life of faith in Christ is a life of leaving—to infinity and beyond!
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