Waiting on God

I've been suffering with a lot of health problems and can no longer work. I applied for SSI and SSD a few months ago. This morning, I called my worker to update him of some new things. He decided that with all my issues, I have over a 50% chance of being approved. So, I would be able to recieve temporary SSI payments, while I wait on the final decision.

God is always faithful!

He said, "it start next month." Now we've been financially challenged and it was getting worse and worse since I can't work. We've been waiting on God, trying not to panic. A few hours later, I get a call from the SSI department. The lady who does an interview said,  "I'll get my first payment next week!" I don't know how much but I know God will make sure it's enough! God is always faithful to those who are faithful in the waiting!

Testimony: Becky White 
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