Morning, Noon & Night

Creating Sacred Rhythms

God has created us to live with a single passion: to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. As we jump into our next message series, Morning, Noon & Night, we’ll discover what it means to dedicate our work, play, rest and daily routines to the worship and making much of God. We look forward to gathering together in the coming weeks!

March 6th - Human Doings
While our work is important, our identity is found in Christ.
March 13th - Workin’ For the Big Man
Working is an essential responsibility, but does not have to be separate from our worship of God.

March 20th - 24/6
Sabbath, is gift from God that we are commanded to make a part of our normal routine. It is an essential spiritual practice, and neglecting it actually makes us less productive

March 27th - Worship on the Daily
Worship is not a thing that you do, it is a way that you live. We CAN invite God in to help us turn the mundane into an opportunity to recognize God at work and respond accordingly. 
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