Free For All

For Freedom Christ has Set Me Free

“Free For All” is a 5-week series about the central truths of freedom that Christ has given us through our faith. This world, people’s opinions, the flesh, trying to save myself and even my works to gain favor from God have no power over me - in Christ I am free!
July 2nd - Church as you go video - Don’t Get Caught in the Current
Liberation Has Begun, Christ has made us free from this present evil age. We are free from having to go with the current flow of this world. Heaven's current?

July 9th - Get In and Stay In
When we stay in Christ we are free from being slaves to other people's religious traditions and opinions.

July 16th - Dead to This
Deny yourself and follow after God, identifying with the death of Christ frees us from the power of the flesh.

July 23rd - All Those Weak and Worthless Things
Self-salvation, gauging how we measure up, the comparisons we make between us and others, make us slaves to weak and worthless things, Christ has made us free from the elementary principles of the world.

July 30th - Hey God! Did you see me?
When we use anything to bribe God to get blessings we are under the yoke of slavery. Christ has made us free from the yokes of slavery in our lives.
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