No Big Deal

More Destructive Than It Appears

We allow certain habits to help us deal with life, but sometimes these bad habits can become part of our identity. It’s time to separate ourselves from these 'necessary' habits and recognize them for what they really are: sins. And these sins are a bigger deal than we give them credit for.

May 7th - Little White Lies
There's nothing little about lying. Lying divides our wholeness, erodes our integrity and steals our identity.

May 14th - Caught in a Chokehold
Worry is a trap. It is the thing we think gives us control, yet ultimately ends up controlling us.

May 21st - The Heart Wants What It Wants
Being guided by the lusts of the heart is to be hooked and led to personal ruin.

May 28th - Big, Fat Mouth
Dishing out the dirt with others might make you feel good, but deep down it's wrecking your soul.
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