World of Wonder

Captivated By Something Greater

Modern society often views our world as disenchanted—void of any spiritual or transcendent qualities. This series offers a biblical perspective of God’s work in the world, and our need for the wonder of God’s presence in our daily life. These messages look at the spiritual disciplines in order to reengage with God’s glorious wonder and purpose.

During this series we, as a church, will be doing a 21 Day Church Wide Fast, January 9th - 29th. You can download the guide by clicking HERE.

January 1st -- Family Prayer Sunday

January 8th -- Addition by Subtraction
Starving our flesh and feeding our spirits--reawakening wonder of our creator and sustainer.

January 15th -- Feed the Need
Scripture is God's gift to us to know His heart and live equipped for our life's journey.

January 22nd -- Bigger Than You Think
When we underestimate prayer, we miss out on the most powerful means of knowing our creator.

January 29th -- A Quiet Place
Nothing resets and refreshes our spiritual perspective like silence before, and solitude with, our Savior.
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